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Karl Scott from Satori consulting and the OMG cloud working group stops by to discuss the four major pain points for cloud adoption. Institutions are having a difficult time handling the architecture, migration, security and services needed. Jack and Karl go in-depth into each issue and search for answers.

Melvin Petties, CEO of Blockhive, stops by the studio and talks with Jack about the role of community around blockchain Technology. Aside from being a prolific writer and accomplished speaker, Melvin shares his thoughts on the role collaboration takes in the implementation of any technology, let alone blockchain. Don’t miss this informative and energetic discussion.

Jack examines a piece released by CenturyLink which talks about the myths behind Cloud adoption. He discusses the various percentages of IT professionals who are still unclear about migration, scalability, and security. With a projected industry-wide spend of $411B by 2020, Cloud migration and adoption is fast becoming the most important part of the IT… Read More

In this week’s CloudCents, Jack discusses the top 5 reasons for the financial services industry to move assets to the public cloud. He discusses the various benefits and helps rationalize the capital expenditure. This is a must for all entrepreneurs, founders and business owners thinking about, or in the middle of, migration.